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Procedural Medical Equipment
Procedural Medical Equipment

Monitor various type of activities such as the brain wave, heartbeat and blood pressure. Our supply includes:

  1. Powered Medical Equipment

  2. Defibrillators

DiagonisticsThese are equipment used to diagnose, test, or find patient’s conditions. The equipment is used to detect any irregularities in the organs or other parts of the body that may be causing the symptoms. Without the diagnostic equipment, medical professionals would not be able to correctly diagnose the patient and provide the correct treatment.

Common diagnostic equipment used in hospitals and clinics are:

Imaging Machines such as X-Rays, MRI Scans, CT Scans, etc.

Medical instruments


The success of a surgery depends on the accuracy of the surgical equipment and instruments. There are many different types of equipment used in surgery, each with their own purpose. The most common surgical equipment and instruments include:

  • Surgical Tables
  • Utility Tables
  • Instrument Tables
  • Hampers
  • Mayo Stands
  • Solution Stands
  • Kick buckets
  • Surgical Table Pads
  • Leg Supports
  • Arm Supports
  • stethoscopes
  • thermometers
  • Adult Care

storage and transportationEquipment that are used to transport and store medical supplies. They use to bring various medical supplies to patients and professionals. Most common are:

  • Case carts
  • Storage carts
  • Utility carts

Acute CareEquipment and Supplies that are used in hospitals and clinics. This type of equipment and supplies are used on a daily basis for patient care and require a medical professional to use.

  • General-purpose trays
  • Minor procedure trays
  • Wound and skincare kits
  • Monitoring equipment
  • Non-surgical instruments
Procedural Medical Equipment
Procedural Medical Equipment

This equipment is medical equipment that is used in any medical procedures and contains a variety of different items. It is used to help assist and make the procedures go more smoothly and easier, for example:

  • Surgical clamps
  • Scalpels
  • Forceps
  • Gloves
  • Operating Scissors
  • Headlights